Sales assistant 

At Teemika we offer dedicated Sales Assistants, who function as part of your in-house sales team. Teemika sales assistants help you save time and money on the sales process, allowing you to approach more prospects with better information.

Your dedicated sales assistant can help you:

  • Conduct research on prospective customers

  • Create databases of prospects using the Internet, social media, and other sources

  • First and second line lead handling

  • Schedule calls and set appointments for your sales force

  • Contact cold prospects via Linkedin and email

  • Enter data in your CRM

  • Perform market research tasks

  • Create RFIs and presentations for sales meetings

  • Perform other tasks that can be done remotely via Internet

Teemika assistants work in flexible time blocks. Each assistant can work either part or full time (2.5 or 5 days per week), meaning that each assistant works with 2 clients maximum. This guarantees your assistant will better understand your product, service, and customers

Why hire sales assistants with Teemika?

  • We save you time on sales and support tasks. Routine tasks require a lot of time, but the sales process simply can’t go on without them.

  • You are looking for a cost-effective way to increase ROI on sales activities. Our prices start.Adding additional people to your sales team will help you optimize the time of your sales force and close more deals.

  • You need to learn more about your potential customers. We will do research for you using all available channels. This data will help you develop a customized approach and generate more prospects and leads.

  • Your team doesn’t devote enough time to fill in your CRM accurately. You need this information, and we will help you keep your sales data current.

  • If you want to motivate your best sales professionals, there’s no better way than to reward their work with sales assistant. It’s a cost-effective way to help your all-stars get more done, close more deals, and stay focused on what really matters.

  • You want to work with smart, reliable, and motivated people. All our assistants have higher educations and speak English and/or other languages required for the execution of your customer support or sales tasks.


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